mainNidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd are able to provide spares and support services for many of the Industrial Motors & Power Converters made by Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd. Please contact us with your requirements, including in your response the following information:

The model number and serial number of the equipment in question.
The nature of the problem and any available diagnostic information or fault messages.
The location of the equipment, including post code for UK-based equipment.
The nature of the situation: breakdown, routine maintenance, refurbishment etc.

With regard to motors, for many applications we are able to offer both new and re-manufactured machines as well as a bearing replacement service. The key aspects of these offerings are summarized in the table below:


 Delivery Dedicated courier, collecting exchange machine by return
 Exchange discount Yes, provided the original machine is complete n/a
 Availability Many types are available from stock, please contact us for more details
 Service compromises:      
 Full strip down and clean n/a Yes Yes
 Full suite of electrical tests including:
 Flash test, Surge test, Resistance test
 and Sensor checks
n/a Yes Yes
 Bearing and lubricant replacement to
 original equipment specification
n/a Yes Yes
 Winding, insulation, lead-out cable,
 thermistor & position sensor
 replacement to original equipment
n/a Yes No
 Re-finishing to standard paint finish n/a Yes Yes
 Full on-load dynamometer testing n/a Yes No

To contact us to discuss requirements for spare parts and service support please telephone:
+44 (0)1423 845300 or alternatively e-mail:









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