SR Drive® systems for industrial applications are available direct from Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd.  Our approach is always to work closely with the customer to fully understand the end-requirement and then to provide a complete drive solution designed specifically to meet their requirements.  The implementation of the solution is based around a series of pre-designed and pre-approved platforms for both motors and converters which allow us to provide all the benefits of SR Drive® technology in a timely and competitive manner.

An overview of our offering is presented below – please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

SR Drive® System Benefits

Very high system efficiency maintained across virtually the whole operating range.
Guaranteed system performance from a single supplier.
Infinite turn-down ratio: full rated torque is available down to zero speed.
Unlimited starting duty.
Inherently robust motor construction.
Very low rotor inertia: typically less than half the inertia of conventional machines.
Exceptionally high torque available from a given motor frame size.
Comprehensive control facilities ensure the end equipment cannot be overloaded.
Universal supply voltage & frequency suits most applications world-wide.

SR Drive®  Motor Features & Options

Cast-iron TEFC frames with bi-directional shaft mounted fan.
IP55 environmental rating.
Over-temperature sensors in all phases as standard.
Class H insulation.
Generously sized top-mounting terminal box.
Grease fed bearings.
Anti-condensation heater options 110Vac/230Vac.
Foot & flange mounted options in standard IEC frame sizes.
ATEX rating: type n: ‘non-sparking’ construction available for Zone 22 environments.
ATEX rating: type e: ‘extended safety’ construction available on some models for Zone 21 environment.

SR Drive® Converter Features & Options

Fully specified: EMC filter and power factor correction included as standard.
Ventilated IP54 enclosure with frontal inlet and roof mounted exhaust.
Universal supply voltage 380Vac – 460Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz.
Full CE and cUL approval for European and US/Canadian markets.
Comprehensive diagnostics provides detailed error messages via on-board display.
Comprehensive input & output selection.
Dynamic braking chopper option.
Brake resistor option: internal or external.
Door mounted isolator option.



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