SR Drive® systems manufactured by Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd meet the requirements of the widest possible spectrum of industrial applications.  However, where appropriate, they can also be designed specifically for a particular application and made available by means of licensing from Nidec SR Drives Ltd (NSRD).  NSRD was founded in 1980: it’s core business, then as now, is the transfer of their experience, know-how and intellectual property rights by means of licensing.

SR Drive® systems are designed and developed to pre-production level to meet specific performance criteria and cost targets.  Each stage of development is monitored in close co-operation with the client to ensure their total confidence in applying SR Drive® systems to their products.  

Licensees may take advantage of the manufacturing resources of UK-based Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd or some other division of Nidec Corporation as may be appropriate.


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