Beckman Instruments Inc of Palo Alto, California uses SR Drive® technology to power its AVANTI® J & JE series of high-speed centrifuge systems.  The AVANTI® systems help laboratory technicians perform more separations in less time. This is achievable because samples spend more time at full g-force, and therefore less time in the centrifuge.

The system is a major improvement on conventional high-speed centrifuges, providing faster acceleration, faster deceleration and higher g-forces.  In fact, the top of the range AVANTI® J-30I runs at speeds up to 30,000rpm and generates a maximum force of 110,500g.  The result is a versatile, high-throughput centrifuge which can process 6 litres in less time than it takes a conventional centrifuge to process 3 litres.

At the heart of every AVANTI® J & JE system is a high-torque SR Drive® motor and converter which produces twice the torque of a standard drive making it possible to accelerate and brake the rotor in half the time of conventional high-speed systems.

The real benefits are seen in the laboratory where efficiency is improved by reducing the time for separations, keeping time-sensitive samples fresh and considerably reducing net time spent on multiple runs.  And, with a drive that has a third of the moving parts of other drives, noise and maintenance requirements are dramatically cut.



SR Drive® technology helps high-speed centrifuge outperform comparable competitive systems.

SR Drive® motor generates twice the torque of conventional high-speed drives.

Beckman AVANTI® J SERIES high-speed centrifuge system.

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