Nidec SR Drives Ltd (NSRD) is a leading engineering and technology provider in the field of advanced electrical machines and drives systems, with a particular focus on switched reluctance technology. The company has pioneered the development, application and commercialisation of switched reluctance technology under its SR Drive® trademark and is now the world leader in this area.

The company was founded in 1980, having grown out of fundamental research work carried out at two leading UK universities (Leeds and Nottingham). Since then, the company has gained 25 years experience collaborating with customers on new product development to improve their profitability. NSRD undertakes research, development, and licensing of their switched reluctance SR Drive® technology and other advanced electrical drive techniques across a worldwide spectrum of applications.

In order to meet rapidly increasing demand for industrial products, a second operating company was established in 1999. Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd (NSRM) is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of complete SR Drive® systems, comprising both motors and electronic control units, with a major focus on industrial applications. In addition, NSRM supplies prototype and sample hardware required by the development programs carried out by NSRD.





Press Release Organizational Announcement
Harrogate UK - September 5th 2018

  Nidec Motor UK Technology Centre is based on a single site in Harrogate UK and comprises two operating companies: Nidec SR Drives Ltd (NSRD), and Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd (NSRM). Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Nidec Corporation of Kyoto, Japan.  

Nidec Corporation are global leaders in the development and manufacture of small to mid-size motors, fan motors, and pivot assemblies. These key components are widely used not only in IT products such as Hard Disc Drives but also in a wide range of fields including home appliances, automobiles, office equipment, and industrial machinery. Nidec Corporation's recent acquisition of the Emerson Motor Company extends Nidec's development & manufacturing capabilities into new areas including industrial motors & drives and commercial vehicle traction.


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