Electric traction has always been an ideal application for SR Drive® technology - indeed the company grew out of electric vehicle developments in the late 1970s.

Many traction systems require very high torque at low speeds and a constant power output capability over a wide speed range. SR Drive® technology excels in these areas.

 In addition, these applications often require high efficiency, small size, low weight, good thermal management, and a manageable response under fault conditions: SR Drive® systems provide excellent performance in a cost-effective package for all of these areas.  

Power levels can vary from a few kilowatts for small materials handling applications up to megawatts for rail traction.  In some cases, the electric drive may be working in conjunction with an engine to form a “hybrid” system.  In such applications SR Drive®  systems operate with excellent efficiency in both motoring and generating (braking) modes.

Nidec SR Drives Ltd has been supporting customers in this area for many years and typical applications are included in the following segments:

  • Heavy duty equipment and off-road vehicles (traction & hybrids)
  • Railway traction & hybrids
  • Fork-lift trucks and similar materials handling equipment
  • Bus and truck applications
  • Golf-carts and battery powered utility vehicles



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