Nidec SR Drives Ltd has comprehensive expertise in the design of motor drives for a range of applications in the Appliance and Consumer drive areas. This expertise encompasses permanent magnet and induction motor technologies as well as our own SR Drive® switched reluctance technology.  Consumer drives cover a range of applications which are extremely diverse, and different motor technologies will be best suited to differing requirements.  However, all of these applications will share one common requirement - low cost!

Our engineers are expert at analysing and specifying requirements, at selecting the optimal motor technology, and at designing cost-effective drive systems to add real value to the application.  As well as the design of drive prototypes, we are able to guide the project right through the pre-production process.  Our designers work alongside both motor and electronics assembly plants in preparing the design for production, ensuring that the system as a whole is optimised.

We have expertise in many motor technologies, from simple brush-less DC motors to complex sinusoidally optimised machines.  Our electronics controls cover a range of power and voltage levels.  We select micro-processors from several state-of-the-art families, and develop software ranging from simple fixed-speed motor controls to complex self-tuning algorithms and sensorless techniques.



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